8-year-old autistic boy from Leeds gets beaten by lexi bonner while friends laughed –

Lexi Bonner, a girl accused of assaulting an eight-year-old boy, is trending on social media and a video of Lexi Bonner has been widely shared on X (Formerly Twitter)

According to details, earlier this month, on April 4, 2024, an autistic boy (8yrs) went to a local open-to-public football park to make friends with his other friend. When asking a teenage girl, Lexi Bonner, she beat him and kicked him in the sensitive parts, and the friend said No more kids for you.

Photo of 8 year old boy who was attacked by Lexi Bonner

She then continued to beat and drag him to the other side of the field where she would keep kicking him to the ground. He didn’t get up so she went to walk away and as she did he ran away when she kicked him back to the ground and stood on his leg.

Is little boy doing okay? 

As of now, he has many broken bones with very sore leg and not doing well mentally. There’s rumours of him taking her to court but may not be true.

People on X are reacting to Lexi Bonner with anger and many are demanding justice for the boy.

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