Starbucks Girl video and chat with boss goes viral on Twitter –

Starbucks girl video is currently trending on Twitter and TikTok and people are eager to know more about the viral Starbucks girl video and about her relationship with her boss.

According to details, a video emerged on Twitter of a girl who works at Starbucks in Tennessee along with the WhatsApp chat between her and her boss.

Since the video appeared on Twitter, people began reacting to Starbucks girl asking her to take action against her boss. Many showing their support for her.

What is Starbucks Girl video

Viral “Starbucks Girl” whose real name is Natalie, is currently trending on Twitter after a video of her emerged to social media platforms. People believe that her boss “Kent” published this video on Twitter and other social media platforms.

Starbucks girl from the viral video on Twitter

The “Starbucks girl video” shows Natalie giving head to her boss Kent while wearing Starbucks cap and the uniform. Four minutes video continues with lovely moments and some verbal sweet conversations.

After the video, some screenshots of a WhatsApp chat, allegedly between the Starbucks girl and her boss “Kent” appeared on Twitter, now platform X. The screenshots prove that the video was recorded several months ago and now the boss has placed it on social media in a reaction to mutual misunderstandings and arguments.

The chat shows the boss asking the girl for an overnight shift. However, she seems refusing him. The boss then warns Natalie of the consequences of her denials. The full video has been shared on Twitter by several users and you can watch it there.

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